Frequently Asked Questions

1What format of audio do you accept for mastering?
WAV or AIFF works fine. 24 or 32 Bit. Samplerate should match your DAW-project. Make sure that the loudest part of your song doesn't exceed -3dBFS. If you have a self master, please include it as a reference.
2Should I limit or compress my mixes before mastering?
We strongly recommend avoiding any kind of limiting on your final mix. But if you use some light compression on you mix bus it's not a problem. If we hear that your compression is affecting negatively the outcome of the master, we will let you know.
3Does a great mix actually need mastering?
Yes, since there are a lot of things you simply can't do in the mix.
4What files should I send for a Stem Mastering?
For a stem mastering we usually ask for the main groups of your song. WAV 24 or 32 bit.
The amount of groups shouldn't exceed 8 stereo stems. Also, please include a reference mix or self master WAV of your song.
All stems to be exported from the same point, in the same format and when importing to a new project it should sound exactly the same as the mix.
If you need more stems, please consider the FULL MIXING service.
5Is a Stem Mastering the same thing as Mixing?
No, a stem mastering falls in between mixing and mastering, but it doesn't replace a good mixing.
This option is great if you're not 100% sure about your mix, or you want to get that extra "glue", dimension, clarity and definition of your main elements.
We recommend stem mastering in most of the cases, cause the result is worth the extra buck.
6Can I get some feedback for my Mixed track before sending it over for Mastering?
Of course! We always analyse the track in first place and let you know if there is anything we can improve before mastering. Personal attention is what distinguishes us from others. Just hire the service you want and let us know what bothers you. We will find the solution to any problem together.
7Should I turn off all my processing before exporting the individual stems for a Full Mixing service?
No, we recommend to send everything as it is in your project, only excluding limiters or clippers on your mixbus (master track).
If there is something that we need DRY, we will hit you up and ask for it.
8What if I need an Extended, Radio or Insturmental version?
We charge 10€ for additional versions. Just let us know!
If you have any special request, feel free to ask!
9Do you offer any discounts?
For albums or pack orders of +3 songs we can discuss a small discount.
10Can I pay after I get my mix or master delivered?
No, we always charge in advance for mixing or mastering.
For production, we discuss the payment options in advance since the process is a bit more complicated.
11Can I get a refund?
You can get a renfund only if we didn't start to work on your track.
12This other website offers me a Full Mastering for 20$!
You get what you pay for :)


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