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Unleash the full potential of your music.

Premium Stem Mastering

Premium Stem Mastering

Premium Stem Mastering

Premium Stem Mastering

Premium Stem Mastering

Full Confidence In Your Sound

Full Confidence In Your Sound

Full Confidence In Your Sound

Full Confidence In Your Sound

Full Confidence In Your Sound

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🏆  Award Winning Producers
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I've been wanting to achieve a certain sound for years (I'm very picky with my productions and mixes), but this gentleman achieved it all at first. Frankly grateful and amazed, aside from professionalism, speed, great treatment, and an overdose of good taste!

UnrestMixing Engineer & Producer

I've worked with many, but I choose to stay with Slatin. He possesses a remarkable ability to grasp the essence of a song and consistently delivers outstanding results. He has never failed to impress.

GARZIManager & Producer

One of the best Mastering Services out there. provides excellent service with a thorough and quick turn around. Highly recommended!

JayvonDJ and Producer

While other engineers only cared about my money, in addition to doing a great job, he was concerned about exposing the elements that could be improved and offered to advise me in future productions, which is highly appreciated.

IsraelMusic Producer

Slatin has truly helped me take my tracks to the next level. Whether it's mixing, mastering, production, or music business. Slatin will go out of his way to answer whatever questions you may have and make sure you leave a session genuinely content.

Niko BoggsMusic Producer and DJ

He's an expert in producing, mixing, and mastering. With his help, I received international recognition from Tiesto, Gate21, DJs From Mars, and more. I highly recommend Slatin.

RicoDJ and Producer

I am very happy to work with Slatin. His treatment, quality, experience and quick delivery make the difference. I highly recommend him!

PereMusic Producer

The amount of professionalism, dedication, and effort displayed in every aspect of his work is truly remarkable and has brought my music to the highest level.

BÄCKDJ and Producer



  • Maximize your song’s potential
  • Instrumental & vocal mixing
  • Tailored approach
  • Obsessive attention to detail
  • From 0 to 100%, real quick

Stem Mastering

  • Submit up to 8 groups
  • Special In-House Summing
  • Extra depth and clarity
  • Enhanced dynamics
  • Improved spacing


  • A timeless classic
  • Enhance your mix
  • Improve translation
  • Proud and Loud
  • Ready for streaming


Quevedo - Amaia - Like Mike - Rels B - Lil B - Dellafuente - Duki - Kaydy Cain - Rvfv - Chanel - Ptazeta - Rei - Pablo Chill-E - KG790 - Cyril Kamer - Chucky73 - Delaossa - Gloosito - Israel B - D-Block Europe - Fernando Costa - Gianluca - Lia Kali - Mala Rodriguez - Belen Aguilera - Ecko - Aron - Bejo - Saiko - Julieta - Natos - Fabbio - Harry Nach - Rubius - Camin - Aleesha - Belly Basarte - Sara Socas - Zetazen - H Roto - Emy Perez - Digitzz - La Pantera - Juacko - Pol Granch - Chico Blanco - Dirty Suc - Juseph - Lennis Rodriguez - La Zowi - Don Patricio - B Jones - Gino Mella - Deva - J Abecia - Selecta - Lowlight - Robledo - Kaled - Cocco Lexa - Delaporte - Anthony Godfather - Slushii - Tommie Sunshine - Arodes - Lulleaux - Moksi - Mike Cervello - Kabasaki - Orslok - Ergo Pro - Ill Pekeño - Easy-S - Sofi De La Torre - Brisa Fenoy - Mygal - Nostalgix - Blanco Palamera - GARZI - La Xini - Kickbombo - Love Yi - Jedet - La Albany - Mainline Music Orchestra, among many others…