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A carefully hand-crafted collection of 150 presets for Valhalla VintageVerb.

“The only reverb pack you will ever need”


Instant Pro-Quality

Let’s get real: you are a professional.

You know that every minute of your time is precious, and quality is non-negotiable. You don’t have time to waste clicking through uninspiring, repetitive, and overused factory presets.

FUSION will give you the top-notch industry soundin no time.

Finest Selection

These presets have been handpicked and tested on numerous hit songs by Grammy-nominated producers, making them an indispensable asset for your production toolkit.

We have fine-tuned this pack over a long time and it contains no fillers.

Presence Magic

Have you fully realized the potential of short reverbs?

The right short reverb can make the difference between a mediocre song and one that shows you off as a master of your craft.

Our unique “Presence” section is the missing piece to adding depth, character, and power to your sound.

“Reverb is regarded as one of the most powerful effects that a producer or mixing engineer can use”


Audio Examples

Dry Samples followed by Reverb in Parallel.

*Audio samples are not included in the pack

Full Mix (Various Presets)

Instrument (Chaotic Reverb)

Drums (The Aura)

Instrument (So Beautiful I Cry)

Bass (Vintage Small Verb)

Instrument (Warm And Ethereal)

Drums (Subtle Background)

Vocal (Drake Style)

Full Mix 2 (Various Presets)

Vocal (Vocal Breeze)
KICKBOMBOAward-Winning Producers

FUSION has given us the possibility to texturize elements, place them in space, and add color to our mixes in an exquisite way. Loving it.

Josh BerriosLatin Grammy Winner, Platinum Producer

This pack takes my workflow to another level. I literally open VintageVerb, click on FUSION, select the folder, and in 3 clicks, I get the sound that I need.

KabasakiMulti-Gold Producer

From now on, I only use this pack. I have completely stopped using any other presets.

Luca ChingMixing Engineer

I have never been a preset user myself, but after using FUSION, I am now using it everywhere. I always find a preset that fits my needs, and best of all, I have rarely had to edit it!

PMPProducer & Engineer

This pack is BRUTAL.


This one is a keeper for me. It became my go-to for drums and vocals as I get what I'm looking for in just a few clicks. FUSION drastically improved my workflow.

Bring Your Songs To Life

Don’t Miss Out

The Only Reverb Pack You Will Ever Need


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