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Close your plugins

A simple Standalone App that lets you assign a custom hotkey to close Ableton Live* Plugins.

Assign custom hotkeys to quickly close plugin windows for a smoother workflow, reduced graphic latency and CPU spikes.

Far more efficient than the original “hide plugins” feature as it actually shuts down the windows as if done manually.

*Live Plugin Closer is not related in any way with Ableton.
*Ableton® & Live™ are trademarks of Ableton AG.

Optimize your workflow

Close individual plugins or long FX chain with one button.
The ultimate time saver for efficiency freaks (like me).

The default hotkey is:
CMD + Option + W on Mac.
Ctrl + Alt + W on Windows.


Ableton Live 10 & 11
0% CPU Impact
Launch at Login
Easy Setup
Custom Hot Key
OSX 10.13+
Windows 10+
M1 Native

+1500 active users.

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